Tiffany Window / Wall Decoration

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Tiffany Window / Wall Decoration. This stained glass wall decoration is hand made in traditional Tiffany style, this technique has been employed since the early 1900's where as genuine stained glass is wrapped in copper foil and soldered together to form beautiful reproductions in the same method as first derived by Louis Comfort Tiffany over a hundred years ago.  These are genuine stained glass so they will stand the test of time without any discolouring or detetioration.  Each of these Wall / Window decorations shades are unique with slight differences as they are all still made by hand so manufacturing these is extremely time consuming and requires a high level of skill.  


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Product Information
Item Model Number:PA1306511
Product Dimensions: 13" 33cm H by 7.75" 19.7cm W in diameter
Shade Material: High quality stained glass
Colour of Base: N/A

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